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What steps do internal communicators need to take to influence the course and direction of their organisations?


Positioning CEOs and their impact on the corporate reputation


In the course of any career, life-changing decisions can force us to evaluate what is right and choose a new direction

In the journey towards a more equal workforce, valuing diversity has proven to be profitable, especially with respect to female consumers.

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A little under 20 years on from the first appearance of Clayton Christensen’s landmark theory of disruptive innovation, we can safely say that we are all living in disrupted times. The frequency of game-changing developments that revolutionise our work, our industries and the way we live our lives is higher than ever before, and the differences between those who anticipate future trends and those who do not are clear to see. From the sharing economy to big data and the cloud, each day seems to bring a new challenge to the status quo. For communicators who have to navigate this volcanic landscape, these challenges offer the potential to transform the work of the communications function, and perhaps redraw the lines that define the role of the communications professional.

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2015 looks set to be a challenging year for innovation communications: the 2015 Edelman Trust Baromet


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