Alan Soon

Alan Soon

Alan Soon is the founder and CEO of The Splice Newsroom, an editorial consultancy that is helping newsrooms keep up with the constant change brought on by the digital shift. For more than 20 years, he's worked in radio, TV, news wires, magazine and online across the region. He started out as a reporter and grew into producer, editor, newsroom manager and eventually business leadership roles. In his last position, Alan led one of the largest digital news teams in the industry as Yahoo’s managing editor for India and Southeast Asia. He also worked at esteemed newsrooms such as CNBC and Bloomberg across Asia. He is a co-founder of the Online News Association in Singapore.

Lessons learned from two years of questioning how the media works

It’s been two years since I registered and started The Splice Newsroom. My goal hasn’t changed: I’m here because I believe newsrooms and their teams need a lot of help to evolve and survive. I want to be part of the solution.

Over the past...

What digital and decentralised means for the news

Alan Soon keeps his finger firmly on the pulse.

As founder and CEO of The Splice Newsroom he is a devoted observer of digital developments in the media sphere. Backed by...