Craig Carroll

Craig Carroll

As well as leading the New York-based Observatory on Corporate Reputation, Professor Craig Carroll lectures and teaches on corporate communication at New York University, Copenhagen Business School, the Instituto de Empresa Communication School in Madrid, Singapore Management University and the University of Florida. He is also the author of Handbook of Communication and Corporate Reputation.

Understanding the different definitions of strategy can help chief communication officers in their counselling of the CEO and the C-suite, as well as in their own attempts to support the larger corporate strategy

Strategy is one of the most important concepts for chief communication officers, yet also one of the least understood.

Everyone knows of its importance. The echoes of critique, “You have no strategy,” “That’s too tactical,” “That’s a bad...

A comprehensive audit can help determine and improve communication activities

Organisations should be concerned with organising their communications for several reasons.

The legal and regulatory environments call for more responsiveness in how organisations address their internal and external constituencies. These...