Cyriel Kortleven

Cyriel Kortleven

Cyriel Kortleven is a global speaker on the change mindset. He has worked for more than 20 years in the domain of creativity and innovation. He delivers keynotes all over the world and is the author of five books, including The Change Mindset. He is one of the 35 people who received a Global Speaking Fellow award.

In this third and final part of the survival kit for disruptive times, we look at changing people’s behaviour and embracing failures.

I started this trilogy on living in disruptive times by introducing the three pillars to developing what I call the...

Coping with disruptive times requires the right mindset for change. In part 2 of this three-part instruction on getting there, we take an in-depth look at suspending judgement and switching perspective.

In part 1 of this trilogy, I introduced the three pillars to developing what I call the Change Mindset: a...

We’re constantly confronted with all kinds of changes in both our personal and professional lives, and we need to be able to cope with it. Let this survival kit help you find the right mindset for it.

A mindset is a belief system that guides the way we handle situations. It’s how we figure out what’s going on and how to react to it.

Our mindsets help us to spot opportunities, but they can also trap us in self-defeating cycles.


Times of disruptive change call for professionals with agile mindsets, able to turn problems into opportunities, who can explore the world from different perspectives and who aren’t scared to fail fast, often and forward. Communication leaders are ideally placed to awaken this creative power. All it takes is three minutes. 

We live in very disturbing times.

In most industries, the VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) has arrived. The...