Dani Buijtenhek

Dani Buijtenhek

Dani Buijtenhek is founder and owner of danibu, an international communication consultancy based in the Netherlands. She has 18 years’ experience managing international communication initiatives with some of the world’s leading brands, such as Roche, DSM, adidas and Danone. danibu helps companies of all sizes and individuals get the best out of each other through communicating more effectively.

The benefits of improving agility in your communications team

Agile is trending now. A new way of working in today’s digitalised, fail-fast-move-on world.

Silos, large teams and bureaucratic attitudes are a thing of the past. Instead, small, cross-functional teams, led by a product owner, work...

Isn’t it that all-important first impression and great communication skills that can make you so much more effective in business – and life in general?

We communication specialists think we know all about presentation skills, stakeholder maps, inter-cultural communication do’s and don’ts and creating great communication plans for each project that comes our way.

Having these skills in-...