Daniel Valentine

Daniel Valentine

Daniel Valentine, a former advisor to the Conservative Party, is currently group director at Weber Shandwick. He was previously a senior investor relations officer for companies listed on the FTSE250 and FTSE100. Daniel is also visiting professor of strategic management at a leading European business school, and a visiting lecturer in marketing at Regent’s University London. His book Online Marketing to Investors: How to Develop Effective Investor Relations was published in May 2015 by Business Expert Press.

A frontfoot strategy for surviving a PR crisis

Last month the UK media was gripped by stories of an organisation in crisis. Kids Company was a charity founded in London in 1996 by Camila Batmanghelidjh, which gave financial and other help to troubled children.

Kids Company won many...

The 2015 UK General Election was a polarising event. But what communication lessons can it teach us?

Presenting a consistent image over time through the UK’s famously trivialising, variety-seeking, sceptical and antagonistic media is not easy for any organisation.

Now imagine that your organisation is not a corporation but a political...