Jonathan Graham

Jonathan Graham

Jonathan Graham is senior manager of global communications for TE Connectivity’s Industrial business in Darmstadt, Germany and serves on the executive committee of the Sustainability Green Printing Partnership. In his role at TE, the global leader in sensor and connectivity solutions, he manages external and internal communications. For SGP, the leading sustainability certification for the printing industry, he leads the marketing activities and chairs the SGP Foundation. Jonathan has a master’s in journalism from the University of Mississippi in the United States.

As a communicator, you'll have been asked to moderate a panel debate at at least one point in your career. Here are suggestions to plan and lead impactful discussions.

Panel discussions are consistently popular sessions at the annual European Communication Summit. Good panel discussions bring different perspectives on topics and foster open dialogue among the audience and panelists.

As communication...

Disco music died in the 1980s and now social media influencers begin their downfall in 2019, what happened and what can marketing & communication professionals do?

Disco music’s death began 40 years ago on July 19, 1979 during the Disco Demolition Night promotion at the Chicago White Sox baseball game in the United States.

Ticket holders brought disco records to the stadium and after the baseball...

On the need to build trust through ethics

We live in exciting times.

Digitisation has reached almost all aspects of our lives, and this is especially true for the media. Online media are super-fast, and the big news headlines in the morning can be very different from the evening...