Marc Cloosterman

Marc Cloosterman

Marc is head of VIM Group, which specialises in delivering brands consistently around the world. The implementation of brand properties across all touch points, both digital and on the ground is VIM’s business. Marc is a regular speaker on these topics and has written several articles on his ambition to create global recognition for brand implementation as one of the process disciplines within the brand management domain. Marc is also EACD ambassador for the working group Brand Leadership.

Tips and predictions from Deutsche Telekom’s branding guru

According to Brand Finance Global 500, Deutsche Telekom achieved its  highest ever brand value in 2018, becoming the third most valuable German brand.

Alexander Engelhardt, vice president of brand management at Deutsche Telekom, describes...

Data-driven insights to implement, manage, and optimise your brand performance

Brands are an organisation’s most important intangible assets, and their management is absolutely critical.

According to branded business valuation consultancy Brand Finance, in 2017 brands account for 18 per cent of the top 500 global...

The impact of VR on brand management and its ROI

For me, I’ve been mostly observing and mulling over the possibilities and impact – for the world and our profession. And to start with the bottom line – it has the potential to have massive impact on the branding domain! Many of...

Developing brands that are fit for the future

Managing a brand in the rapidly changing landscape that is today’s modern world can be quite a challenge. The ever evolving digital world poses new touchpoints and consumer challenges at what can feel like a constant pace.

On Thursday 19th...