Philippe Borremans

Philippe Borremans

Philippe Borremans is an independent public relations consultant specialising in crisis communications and reputation management. He is one of the founders of Reputation & Co., a network of senior communications consultants active in Europe and Northern Africa. Previous to his current role, he was strategy director at PR Media, a Casablanca-based public relations agency with offices across the Maghreb region. Before moving to Morocco, he was chief social media officer and CSR coordinator at Van Marcke Group. Between 1999 and 2009 he held several communications positions at IBM, including corporate and online communications. Throughout his career, he has worked both in-house and in agency. Philippe records and publishes his weekly PR podcast Wag The Dog FM and is a regular guest lecturer at business schools and universities in Morocco.


Like most boys, I played soldiers when I was a kid, making my own assault rifle or sword from wooden pieces and some rope.

Later my dad took me to see The Battle of Midway; the first movie on a big screen in hi-fi sound – I still remember...

Bringing clarity to complex science communications

Whether talking about the Higgs Boson particle, dark matter or artificial intelligence, storytelling, demystification and stakeholder relations play their part in complex science communications.

Interview by Philippe Borremans, host of...