Ralph Tench

Ralph Tench

Ralph Tench is professor of communication at Leeds Beckett University, UK, where is also serves as the director of research for Leeds Business School. He is also the current President of EUPRERA (European Public Relations Research and Education Association).

The 2018 European Communication Monitor sheds a paradoxical light on how the continent's communications professionals respond to the challenge of fake news. Are they over-due a wake-up call?

The one eyed man is king, but only in the kingdom of the blind. In today’s fast moving social media world, are corporate communicators inhabiting such an apocryphal place when it comes to dealing with fake news?

In other words, are they...

Parallels between sport and organisational performance are a frequently over-played cliché. But there is a reason. Sometimes the empirical evidence just points that way – as we found with the 2018 European Communication Monitor results.