Robert Phillips

Robert Phillips

Robert is the founder of Jericho Chambers and the author of Trust Me, PR Is Dead (Unbound, 2015). He is a visiting professor at Cass Business School, University of London, and was UK chief executive of Edelman from 2007-2010 and EMEA CEO of the firm from 2010-2012.

PR is dead, so what comes next?

I never thought the Trump presidency or Britain’s exit from the European Union would be weaponised against me.

For some, both offer strange “proof” that my arguments around the death of PR,...

The paradoxes and challenges of the progressive corporate future means it is time to bury, not praise, public relations.

The British Royal Family has veered from public relations triumph (William and Kate Windsor) to public relations disaster (take your pick).

Recently, it has been on a high, although Prince Charles, heir to the throne, managed to prick that...