Rosa Riera

Rosa Riera

Rosa Riera is vice president for employer branding and social innovation at Siemens AG. In her previous roles, she worked in marketing in the healthcare business, was responsible for Siemens’ global diversity strategy, and implemented several digital communications initiatives. Throughout her career Ms Riera was based in Munich, New York City, Erlangen, and Marburg.

How Siemens uses cardboard virtual reality viewers to attract the employees of the future

To attract today’s talent it isn’t enough to highlight the work your organisation does. Potential employees want to know what it feels like to work in it. For this, Siemens found that a simple cardboard device came in handy.


Siemens employees share their stories and ideas for the future to increase engagement

Employer branding is about identity. It is about how the people who work for an organisation view the organisation as an employer. And it is about how the people the organisation would like to see work for it view it as a potential employer....