Sascha Becker

Sascha Becker

As head of strategy at communications agency PROOF | internal & employer branding, Sascha Becker has inspired leading brands in both the Netherlands and internationally to turn the entire employee journey into a successful and structured employee experience. Sascha’s personal mission is to help shape the future of work and create a better, healthier future for everyone.

2019 has been the year of the employee journey. As the war for talent ratcheted up yet again, the struggle to attract and retain talent has led more and more employers to realise they need an optimal employee experience.

And this war is...

Building a sustainable employer brand isn’t the same as filling personnel gaps  

Organisations with a strong employer brand outperform their competitors. Yet organisations continue to place too much focus on ad hoc recruitment and other short-term initiatives.

In doing so, they are missing out. In a competitive jobs...

Internal communications is about more than shiny comms tools 

Attracting employees, retaining them and making them your organisation’s ambassadors is more critical today than ever before.

A strong reputation, satisfied and loyal customers… all determined by your employees. Happy employees mean happy...

An introduction to the employee journey

Google has on-site gyms and masseurs while Facebook provides its employees with on-site health care, free food and laundry services.

Cool, yes, but also hard-headed. Because these companies understand that their business success begins...