Shahar Silbershatz

Shahar Silbershatz

Having previously run the EMEA consulting practice of Reputation Institute, Shahar is now CEO of corporate brand and reputation specialists Caliber ( He has more than 20 years of experience in this field working out of New York, London and Copenhagen

We’ve gone a long way in how we manage corporate brands and companies’ reputations, but reality seems to have outpaced that evolution. How can corporate communicators catch up?

A couple of years ago one of Europe’s largest banks faced an interesting situation: on one hand its communication department was battling to mitigate the reputational fallout of its embroilment in the...

Companies with a durable character are more respected 

Companies with a durable character are more trusted by people around them.

This directly impacts their long-term success, as it makes key stakeholders more loyal and willing to advocate on their behalf.

Building character, however,...