Shel Israel

Shel Israel

Shel Israel is an author and speaker with a focus on technology’s impact on business and life. He has released a number of acclaimed books, most recently Lethal Generosity. His best-known works are Naked Conversations and Age of Context with Robert Scoble. He began his career in the 1960s as a journalist before turning to public relations in the Silicon Valley, eventually starting his own agency in the 1980s.

Converged communication forms are a product of today

R/GA is among the world’s top ad agencies when measured either by annual billings or creative awards. Historically, many of those awards and associated revenues came from highly creative 30-second...

Personalising communications with deadeye data

Data, the oxygen of all commerce in this new contextual era, is the underlying factor in all Pinpoint Marketing programmes.

I introduced the term Pinpoint Marketing in 2013, and greatly expanded on it in...

The changes we face in a new era of communications

We have entered an era when every company is a media company and everyone who posts online is a journalist.

This fundamentally changes the nature of corporate communications.

At the core of...