Tom Ormsby

Tom Ormsby

Tom Ormsby is head of external and corporate affairs at De Beers Group. Tom joined De Beers in 2006 as the public and corporate affairs manager for the Victor Project, which moved into production in January 2008 to become Ontario’s first diamond mine. In June 2009, Tom relocated to the corporate office in Toronto to assume the role of director of external and corporate affairs for De Beers in Canada, working with media, external stakeholders, governments and industry. Tom is an active member of the Canadian Public Relations Society and Chairs the Public Affairs Committee of the Mining Association of Canada.

Collboration is crucial to a communications team, regardless of their different shapes, sizes, and personality types 

Communications teams come in many different shapes and sizes.

Whether a three-person team or a global department, collaboration is essential for getting the most out a team's constituent parts. 

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