Virginie Coulloudon

Virginie Coulloudon

Dr. Virginie Coulloudon is the executive director of Your Public Value, a Berlin-based NGO focusing on business ethics and developing dialogue between business and society through Public Value Labs. Previously, she was group director for external relations at Transparency International, spokesperson of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, and head of communications, Europe, at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. A former investigative journalist and permanent correspondent in Moscow, she then was research director at the Harvard Davis Center for Russian Studies.

A new, all-inclusive approach to corporate activism puts public value at its heart, with society and the environment accepted as active stakeholders of any corporation. It's time to join the sustainability revolution.

Imagine a world, where everything we buy is produced without any unfair treatment.

A world, where consumerism no longer destroys our planet; where business is driven by what the public values and where business addresses the needs of...

Virginie Coulloudon on trust, transparency and collaboration, ahead of her address at the European Communication Summit

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