Generational wishes - the millennial mindset

They are today's young professionals and tomorrow's leaders and it is clear that millennials want their employers to have a purpose beyond just profit. Findings from Deloitte's 2015 Millennial Survey suggest that many members of this generation are concerned with the priorities and ethics of business.

Of the 7, 800 people interviewed across 29 countries, a total of three-quarters of them believe that businesses are focused on their own agenda rather than wider society. Despite this, 73 per cent of respondents do believe that businesses are having a positive societal impact.

The global survey also suggests that millennials are uncertain about how companies develop people within the workplace. Only 28 per cent feel that their current company is using their skills appropriately.

Comparing the ambitions of young professionals in emerging markets with those in developed markets revealed gaps in aspirations. While 53 per cent aspire to become the head of their current organisation overall, 65 per cent hold this goal in developing markets in comparison to only 38 per cent in developed markets.

To read more insights from the survey you can find a description of the results along with some insightful infographics from Deloitte’s research overview.

Image: Flickr / Sam Felder

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