The impact of global uncertainty on employee engagement


Last year, global employee engagement levels fell from the previous year’s  levels:  155 per cent of employees reportedly feeling actively disengaged as opposed to 14% in 2015, and less people feeling moderately or highly engaged. And the reason - suggested by the 2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement report, published this year by human resource solutions business Aon Hewitt before it was acquired by Blackstone and rebranded as Alight Solutions - could be the rise of anxiety in the workplace.

According to the report, populist movements like those seen in the United Kingdom, the United States and those taking hold in parts of Continental Europe have made discussions about erecting borders and walls more common - if realized, these moves will restrict the flow of labour between countries and change the economic landscape. On top of this, driverless cars, drones, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies are competing for jobs, adding further anxiety. These changes present unique challenges for internal communicators and their CEOS and colleagues in the Human Resources department.

Left unaddressed, populism and more sophisticated technology advances will create further angst in organizations and, thus, will cause the work experience and employee engagement to decline even more. Download the full report here.

Image: Thinkstock

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