Advantage women

Building competitive advantage for the future through gender balance.

 Elaine Cameron speaking at the 2016 European Communication Summit

I was delighted to be asked to speak recently at the European Communication Summit in Brussels on a topic that is of critical business importance: how getting gender balance right will build competitive advantage for companies.

As a futurist it’s my role to track signals of change and I have been tracking the signals of change around women – social, economic, political and technological - for over eight years.

To give some context to this, we are living through what is being called the fourth wave of feminism, endorsed by high profile celebrities like Beyoncé and by high-ranking politicians like Justin Trudeau who famously replied, when asked why half his cabinet was female, ‘because it’s 2015’.

The fact that this iteration of feminism is now being espoused as much by men as by women is one of its key differentiators. This is driven by the fact that millennials and Gen Z have a much more fluid view of gender and don’t feel that men and women have to conform to traditional roles any more.

This fourth wave has also been propelled by access to technology and the success of social media campaigns such as #likeagirl #thisgirlcan and #everydaysexism.

Elaine Cameron

Elaine Cameron is Burson-Marsteller’s resident futurist and leads the FUTURE Perspective Trend Analysis Group across EMEA. Recently named one of the world’s top futurists, Elaine speaks and writes about a broad range of topics such as mega trends, mobility, technology, m-health, communications and corporate purpose. An area of particular focus has been on the trends driving the rising economic empowerment of women consumers and the future of women in leadership, otherwise known as Feminomics. She is a member of the World Future Society and London Futurists.