A powerful combination

Closer interaction between the human resources and communications functions energises strategies and goals.

Image: Thinkstock


There is plenty of evidence suggesting that close cooperation between human resources and communications functions is a win-win deal. Internal communications, core values-issues and employer branding are areas where the benefits are obvious. Cooperating also makes both professions more receptive to each other and thus better equipped to support and promote communicative leadership at all levels.

Not so long ago leadership meant issuing orders to subordinates and employees, rather than guiding them towards common goals. Today, leaders are expected to lead by sustaining core values and creating alignment towards common goals. The role of today’s leaders is rarely to issue orders, but to build effective teams, ensure common understanding and acceptance of objectives and promote a strong desire to reach the goals set by the management.

Charlotte Hagö

Charlotte Hagö is a human resources and communications professional and director at the County Council of Scania, which is the largest employer in southern Sweden. Her background includes positions as communications director in the private sector and HR and communications director in the public sector, as well as journalistic experience.