Reconnecting the employee

With falling worker loyalty, management focus has now turned inward. Collaborative communications and a strong feedback culture are key to salvaging employee motivation.

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Most new centuries seem to bring with them upheaval, resulting in rapid change and uncertainty in all aspects of life. The 21st century is proving to be no exception, but that is perhaps because it has also ushered in a new millennium and we currently find ourselves in the midst of a prolonged financial and economic crisis which has taken a particularly strong hold in the Eurozone. At the same time social media have impacted deeply on our world, having a marked effect on just about every level of society and the economy. This trend is still in its infancy but it is already challenging many of the paradigms on which some of our deepest beliefs are based.  

In the business world one of the most worrying consequences of the times we live in is the widespread decline in commitment and loyalty by employees, largely as a result of changing relationships between employer and employee.

Custodia Cabanas

An expert in leadership and workgroup management, Professor Custodia Cabanas has authored numerous research works on organisational behaviour, change management, interpersonal communication, the role of feedback and organisations in network form. In recent years she has extended her field of research toward internal communication and has set up and currently runs the first observatory in the field in a Spanish business school. Custodia has taught at IE Business School since 1989.