Standing together in the face of turmoil

Whether facing increased competition, market turbulence or organisational change, companies need employees who can act in line with the strategy.

Image: Michel Porro

Internal strategic alignment has become increasingly important for companies, especially those facing turbulent times. A disrupted environment requires employees who can act in line with the company’s mission, vision and values and therefore do not need precise instructions on how to operate. It also requires employees who understand and support the company’s strategy in spite of the surrounding turbulence, thereby becoming more engaged and delivering better-quality work.

Internal communication can contribute greatly to this process and is consequently an increasingly vital function within organisations. Insights into the drivers of this strategic alignment and into the effectiveness of the internal communication interventions help internal communicators to steer their activities and be impactful.

Marion van Dam

Marion van Dam joined KPN, the largest IT and telecom company in the Netherlands, in 2008. She has 30 years of experience in corporate communication and organisational change communication at mainly listed companies like Heineken, Ahold, Delta Lloyd, KLM and KPN.