On crafting the perfect message

Effectively communicating corporate messages takes different skills sets

There are many variables to consider when one sets out to best communicate a message. Of course, we all know the focus should be the target group that the message is designed to reach, but one also has to consider the global picture. And it all starts with strategy.
Before sitting down and writing up your message, consider the following questions: what is the overall goal the company has; what is its strategy; what does the message want to achieve; what is the image your company wants to portray; what is the style already adopted; are there changes you want to make; what is the medium you will use to best suit the delivery of the message and the audience; and of course, assume people know nothing. It is better to over communicate than not communicate enough.

Kossara Marchinkova

Kossara Marchinkova is director external relations and communications at Enel Green Power North America. Prior to this, she was head of communications at Enel in Bulgaria, a position she held from March 2005. Before joining Enel, Marchinkova worked at Travel StoreMaker as the human resources manager, at Nexcom as the human resources director, and as an adjunct professor in Psychology at the American University in Bulgaria.