Making global sense

Carlsberg has chosen English as its global corporate language. Their head of communications explains

To help us set the scene, could you outline for us the organisational structure of Carlsberg?
First and foremost, as an overall frame we have what we call a very ‘glocal’ structure.. We have divided Carlsberg into four regions – Northern Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. Each of these regions has a number of countries and subsidiaries below them. And then we work in a matrix structure where we at headquarter level, have functions that go across regions, so we have group sales marketing, group supply chain, group communications and corporate social responsibility, group human resources and so on. So it is a matrix structure with a global approach.

Anne-Marie Skov

As senior vice president of group communications and CSR, Anne-Marie Skov is responsible for Carlsberg’s corporate communication activities, including investor and media relations, and the corporate social responsibility unit. She is a member of the supervisory board of several organisations including WWF, Denmark Test, Møller Erik and Architects, and Nørrebro Teater. Prior to joining Carlsberg, Skov worked with the Novo Group and most recently as vice president and member of the executive management of Novozymes.