Content that counts

A look at recent highlights in the world of content marketing 


Last year, 40 WordPress blogs were published, 500 hours of content were uploaded to YouTube and 38 million searches were made on Google every minute. Confronted with numbers like these, brands face a serious challenge to make their content stick out in 2017. For inspiration, we look at some outstanding examples of content.

In 2017, content marketing has well and truly established itself as more than just a buzz word: according to a report from the Content Marketing Institute, almost 90 per cent of brands are using the technique. Furthermore, research from Curata shows that 75 per cent of organisations increased their content marketing spend in 2016. With more than 200 million people using ad blockers according to PageFair research, communicators and marketers are aiming to attract consumer attention by spreading content that aligns with the buyer’s journey, with information designed to be valuable and relevant to consumer interests. But with NewsCred data suggesting the average reader spends just 37 seconds with an article or blog post, it’s essential that communicators get creative when planning and executing content marketing campaigns. This is evident in the following standout campaigns, recent examples of content marketing that have received widespread coverage and dramatically boosted brand engagement and recognition. 

Jan Wisniewski

Jan Wisniewski is an editor at Communication Director, under his role as an editorial and content manager at Quadriga Media. He works to ensure the Communication Director community has access to genuine insights into the world of corporate communications. He held previous assistant editorial roles at The Conversation Media Group and Street Press Australia.