Body language in career management

How to look out for and interpret give-away facial signals in important interviews

Human resources managers use many different assessment techniques to assess whether or not a candidate fits a certain position. These assessments are mainly based on character features that determine which personality traits would best fit the profile they are looking for. We can measure whether a person will meet our expectations or not based on set qualities that are unlikely to change in life. We assume the stability of such characteristics, such as creativity, nervousness and teamwork: a person is more or less creative, more or less nervous and more or less suitable for teamwork, and these qualities are constant.

Kasia Wezowski

Kasia Wezowski is an executive coach, business strategist and co-founder of the Center for Body Language. The center has developed over a dozen non-verbal communication training programmes for sales, recruitment, leadership and negotiations, which are delivered in local languages by 30 international representatives in 15 countries.