Visibility in a crowded market

When it comes to reaching European audiences on development cooperation, a creative approach is called for.


Western European countries are among the most influential and engaged in development cooperation. They are important shareholders in international organisations such as the World Bank Group, the IMF and the United Nations and are major donors for developing countries. Their firms and financial institutions have been active in emerging markets for decades, and their media have global reach. At Europeaan conferences and think tanks experts debate strategies for sustainable development while governments, parliaments, civil society organisations and citizens argue about budgets and funding. Communication between all these stakeholders is lively and well developed, with benefits and risks for all. However, being heard in this crowded European development marketplace is challenging. To be noticed you must be proactive and creative.

Oliver Griffith

Oliver Griffith manages the International Finance Corporation‘s media relations and communications with stakeholders such as civil society organisations, business associations, governments, donor agencies and other development finance institutions. He is also country coordinator for Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. Before joining IFC in 2010, Oliver was managing director of the American Chamber of Commerce in France and a US Diplomat (1985-2007), serving mostly in economic and commercial position in Africa, South America and Europe.