The view from the top

Female talent is on the rise in Asia-Pacific corporate communications.

Corporate communications across the globe attracts a high number of women to its ranks – one only has to attend a couple of industry events to notice that the audience tends to be predominantly female. Over the last decade we’ve witnessed a growing awareness of the real impact and value women leaders bring to the organisational bottom line yet there is also a growing concern that this impact is being lost further up the organisation, where the gender balance suddenly skews in favour of men. The situation is no different in corporate communications and prompts the obvious question: why aren’t there more women at the top?

Katrina Andrews

Katrina Andrews established Andrews Partnership after four years as a board director at VMA, where she founded VMA Group Asia Pacific with the creation of its Hong Kong and Singapore offices 2011-12. In 2015, Katrina became the first recruitment professional ever-listed in PRWeek’s global Power Book 500. Previously, Katrina spent seven years as APAC Managing Director at Melcrum, global specialists in internal communications research, where she founded the company’s first operations in the region.