Presenting a unified front

Employee buy-in is the first step when contemplating a global rebrand.

As guardian of the Aviva brand, one of the things that I constantly have to remind myself is that our brand is not actually ours to own. It doesn’t belong to the marketing department, or indeed to senior management. A brand is built first and foremost by its employees, but perceptions of it belong to the people who have bought into it, including customers, shareholders and the broader general public.  When we moved to a single global brand, it was important that we took into account all of these stakeholders and their relationships with us. We couldn’t ignore that our business is rooted in over 300 years of protecting almost every aspect of our customers’ lives; their homes, cars, families, health and their financial futures. We now have over 53 million customers so this carries a huge amount of responsibility.

Jan Gooding

Jan Gooding joined Aviva in 2009 as their global marketing director. She has a wide range of marketing experience, having previously held senior positions in this area for both British Gas and British Telecom. She had been running her own marketing consultancy before moving to Aviva.