Corporate revolution for the people

In times of change, worker support needs to be the focus to ensure success

In today’s workplace environment stagnation is akin to a form of organisational suicide. With the US election out of the way and the impact of the financial crisis rippling – or rather ripping – through the global economy, the concept of change and the management of change is again taking a front seat in our collective lexicon. As Barack Obama proclaimed: “Change is on the way!” The need to better understand revolutionary change is particularly crucial today as dramatic alterations are underway in the economic, technological, psychological, social, scientific and medical realms that surround our lives. The concept of organisational change has been written about at length, and the one common element that can be garnered from what is available is that the ‘human’ element of change is absolutely critical. How this element is managed can make or break even the most effectively organised change process. How we support workers through times of change, especially revolutionary forms of change, has not been effectively addressed yet is absolutely critical to understand during the times we currently live in.

Leslie Szamosi

Dr Leslie Szamosi lectures at the Business Administration and Economics department, City College, Thessaloniki. He has worked both in the private and public sectors in Canada and has worked as a private consultant for such organisations as Digital Electronics, Human Resources Development Canada, KPMG Management and BC Telecom.