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Coupling financial communications with social media can breathe new life into old techniques

We are all obsessed with the web, and we have been since the early 1990s. But those ancient websites from back then look like basic experimentation today: simple text-based sites, only meant to be read. Companies liked those sites, though; they reminded them of print material. Investor relations professionals and corporate communicators could apply their time-honed skills from brochure and print communication and continue to put out the corporate message, only in a new channel.

Vincent Dessain

Vincent Dessain is the executive director of Harvard Business School’s Europe Research Center based in Paris. He is co-author of two books in finance, a book chapter on intercultural management as well as of 52 case studies and research notes. He is currently working on several research projects in the field of financial communications, corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship.

Anders Sjöman

Anders Sjöman has co-authored two books in finance and over 40 case studies and other course material for Harvard Business School’s Europe Research Center. He is also a communication specialist working in Stockholm, with expertise in strategic and network-based communication.