Pulling in opposite directions

Communication departments can have surprisingly different priorities to the rest of their companies

Leadership is communication; co-operation is dependent on communication; organisations become such because of communication. Every day, employees, managers and leaders at all levels communicate extensively. They do it while integrated with the organisational processes and the daily workflow, and they do it in preformatted channels of line communication. Taking a look at the table on page 39 might give an impression of how comprehensive communication is in most companies. And the list is easily continued! Trying to estimate the time spent on communication in an average company might make you dizzy. There is clearly a huge difference between the priorities of the communications department and the priorities of the employees and managers in general.

Mie Femø Nielsen

Mie Femø Nielsen is an associate professor at the University of Copenhagen. Her research focuses on middle managers and facilitation of innovative interaction. She teaches strategic communication & PR to bachelor, graduate, post graduate, and master students. Currently, she is co-founding a research lab which specialises in research based counselling in professional interaction.