A very public takeover

Huge amounts of money, media and manpower make large-scale acquisitions a tough nut to crack

Those who think that the annual highlight of a communications department is the press conference in which the company reviews its fiscal year in a packed auditorium – preferably with television cameras whirring and a flurry of flashbulbs – are living in cloud cuckoo land. The reality is occasionally quite different, and it is these times of heightened activity that actually give our work its primary appeal.

Ernst Primosch

Ernst Primosch is executive chairman of Hill+Knowlton Strategies in the DACH region. The journalist and economist with an engineering background began his career at Siemens before he became global corporate vice president at Henkel. In 2010 he was appointed CEO of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, the international communications and brand consultancy. Ernst Primosch is one of the most experienced European communication and brand consultants and member of the European Association of Communication Directors and the Arthur W. Page Society.