Good is the New Cool, Narrative and Numbers, Rethinking Reputational Risk, The Distracted Mind

From Gaga to banking

Good is the New Cool: Market like you give a damn by Afdhel Aziz and Bobby Jones, Regan Arts October 2016

Efforts by companies to bring about social good can draw criticism as shallow attempts to make consumers feel good about their consumption habits. Organisations are also known to complain that their commitment to positive change is being overlooked as consumers fail to engage with corporate social responsibility reports and webpages. Afdhel Aziz and Bobby Jones aim to counter these complaints while also aiming at a slightly loftier goal: making the world a better place. They firmly believe private entities can solve environmental, civic and economic problems. However, they insist this can only happen if people connect the brands of these entities with their actions, and thus, connect with the brands themselves. The key ingredient, they say, is the cool factor. It makes sense. People want organisations to do good things, but to do good business, organisations also need people to perceive their brand as attractive. It boils down to telling good stories about good deeds in an authentic way. Some are already doing this. For inspiration there are interviews with people such as Lady Gaga’s manager Bobby Campbell, who helps align her artistic voice with her social mission, or former Citibank chief marketing officer Elyssa Gray, who spearheaded the Citibike programme. To connect social consciousness to cool, communicators have a big role to play. This is the book to help.