Partners in truth

The challenges faced by journalism helped set the stage for fake news: the fight back starts here


Challenges in journalism helped create a context where false information is spread – and undermined our trust in the media. The fight back begins in a partnership between journalists and communicators

When Oxford named ‘post-truth’ the 2016 word of the year, it only confirmed that the media now has a harder job to. The media business is undergoing pressure from all areas – digitalisation, changing business models and the political landscape. Communicators will need to understand the pressures that journalists are facing and consider how they should respond to the changes.

Last year, Mynewsdesk surveyed about 2000 journalists across the US, UK, Germany, the Nordics, Singapore and Australia. Mynewsdesk serves over 65,000 journalists and other influencers on their terms, providing company news from over 30,000 brands globally. The study was carried out to help us truly understand how a journalist’s reality has changed and what the future holds for both journalists and communicators. We also conducted several qualitative interviews with journalists and with experts like Rasmus Nielsen from Reuters Institute to validate the results.

Julia Tan

Julia Tan is head of global partnerships for Mynewsdesk. She has worked with communications across different cultural environments, and has past experience in diverse fields such as luxury fashion, music, international conferences, NGOs. Before joining Mynewsdesk in 2012 as team leader for Asia, Julia was marketing communications executive, luxury, for FJ Benjamin. Julia is also the project lead for global journalism study Journalism Trends 2016.