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How one leading company integrates its employees

Before speaking about communication, what fascinates you about working for Bombardier?
The transportation business is actually a very exciting industry. The technology and the innovation that is required to bring rail forward in the 21st century is fascinating. At Bombardier we have some of the greatest and, we believe, cleverest entrepreneurial spirits within the industry, who are consistently creating new products and services that are changing the face of rail throughout the world. We are constantly creating new advancements. Our comprehensive product and service portfolio is also advancing the environmental benefits of rail. Bombardier Transportation today is the result of an ambitious mergers and acquisitions plan that brought together some of the  leading rail specialist expertise in history and is now the result of over 50 mergers.  The result is a complex business. Our operations, just as a sign of its diversity and complexity, are carried out in eleven official languages.

Sandra Loftus

Sandra Loftus is currently a communications consultant at DHL and owner of her own consultancy, Sandra Loftus Associates. She also founded Joy Projects in 2010. Before that, she was global director for internal communications at Bombardier Transportation and group head of employee communications at BAA plc.