Help: Uncooling tobacco in the EU

The hip new face of anti-tobacco PR

Since 2005 one ongoing PR campaign has been curing its own blend of Anti-Smoking propaganda by portraying the act of smoking as absurd. aims to encourage and help people to distance their lives from tobacco with a wave of common-sense, off-beat humour and new technology.  To get their messages across they have implemented the contemporary array of traditional and digital media, as well as physical events involving the public and politicians alike.  This campaign’s undertaking is to lure the citizens, and particularly the youth, of Europe away from hundreds of years of what could practically be considered a leisurely cultural pastime.  Help’s target audience is ages 15-35, but they also attempt to appeal directly to people from all walks of life by focusing not only on smokers, but non-smokers and those who are exposed to passive smoke as well, which accounts for basically everyone in society.   The campaign, which now spans all 27 countries of the EU, is an initiative from the European Commission’s Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou, and entrusted to a consortium of three companies.