From agitprop to digital PR

The history of communications in Serbia and the West Balkans

The history of public relations in any region is inevitably related to the region’s social, economic and market development. Considering that the discipline of public relations is very much people-centric, it follows that the more dynamic the historical and social conditions of a country are, the more curious and noteworthy is its development. Looking at the progress of public relations and corporate communications in Serbia and the surrounding region of the West Balkans unavoidably requires an understanding of recent turbulent events and the effect they have had on social and industrial developments.

Andrea Brbaklic

Andrea Brbaklic currently heads corporate communications and human resources at Erste Bank in Serbia. She is the one of the founders of Serbian Public Relations Association. Previously, and was a co-owner and director of Pristop communications. She thanks Sanja Milakovic Kolundzija of the Executive Group for her assistance with this article.