Can’t beat the real thing

How sustainability reporting became tangible proof of authentic corporate social responsibility

One day back in March this year, as I was sat in my apartment near the centre of Zagreb, contemplating the question of authentic corporate social responsibility (an issue to which I have dedicated, one way or another, close to 20 years), I was suddenly disturbed by dramatic noises from the direction of the public square below. The date was March 31, otherwise known as the European Day of Action Against Capitalism, and looking down from my balcony, I could see a group of some hundred or so mainly young people waving black and red flags and carrying huge banners with anti-capitalism messages. This was accompanied by shouts on the loud speaker such as “down with capitalism!” and a couple of watchful police escorts. The whole scene gave me a somewhat unpleasant sense of déjà vu, since I am old enough to remember our paradise version of communism when we were brainwashed on a daily basis with much the same slogans. So, as we explore the fuzzy concept of the authenticity of corporate actions towards a better society, highly authentic protests against capitalism are taking place all over the world - even under my balcony.

Majda Tafra

Majda Tafra is a professor at RIT/American College of Management and Technology at the University of Dubrovnik and at BAK College of Business and Management.
Before taking on these professorships, Professor Tafra held the position of public affairs and communication manager at Coca-Cola Hellenic, from 1999 to 2008. There she covered – among others – stakeholder relations, external and internal communication, sustainability, crisis resolution, government and media relations. Before that, she was a CEDC (children is especially difficult circumstances) programme officer for UNICEF’s office in Croatia.