Building a new generation

Today’s practitioners have several chances to play a part in the exciting story of public relations in Bulgaria.

Like many other eastern European countries, Bulgaria only discovered public relations after the seismic changes of 1989. During its transition to democracy, Bulgaria found itself in a new historical situation. All of its political, economic, social and technological organisations underwent radical changes. Quite naturally the first public relations specialists appeared in the field of politics: the newly-founded political parties, associations and civil organisations needed spokespersons, faces to represent them in the over-politicised public environment and to ensure their presence in the media. This ‘new’ profession attracted many journalists to whom media were a familiar field and who had already developed their skills in professionally communicating to different segments of the public.

Maria Gergova

Maria Gergova is founder and owner of Bulgarian public relations company United Partners. In 2009, she was elected as president of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), the first president from the central eastern European region during the Association’s 55 year-history. Maria has also been board member of Bulgarian Public Relations society and is also founder and board member of Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies. She is also guest lecturer at different Universities and in a number of national and international conferences.