Embracing dissent

How have digital tools and new media helped communicators meet the challenges of globalisation?

In our globally networked society, corporations are increasingly facing risks: from challenges of cross-cultural communication to legitimacy crises based for example on human rights abuses in outsourced production facilities. Corporations respond to these risks and crises by institutionalising value systems and corporate social responsibility programmes and by professionalising their corporate communication. A fundamental driver for this globalisation and the constitution of risks are, amongst others, new media.

Friederike Schultz

Friederike Schultz is assistant professor of corporate communication and new media. She has worked as researcher, assistant and lecturer at several European universities.

Mette Morsing

Mette Morsing is professor for CSR and communication at Copenhagen Business School, and head of the CBS Sustainability Platform. She was founding director of CBS Centre for Social Responsibility and has held international visiting scholarships at New York University, CEIBS in Shanghai and Stanford University.