The press release as intercultural challenge

Adapting your communications to fit different markets around the world is a difficult though necessary balancing act.

What distinguishes readers in India from those in the US? How many facts can or should be included in Latin America or Asia? It is not always easy to adapt your media approach to different cultural background. However, recent studies suggest the factors necessary for success.

Ensuring that messages are perceived consistently in the heterogeneous markets of a global company is one of the daily challenges of many communication directors. While key messages simply presented in bullet point style can be agreed on relatively quickly, the content development and linguistic formulation of the supporting facts and arguments are rather more critical. Furthermore, your dialogue partner is most likely working in the context of a different cultural system.

Britta Lange-Stolle

Britta Lange-Stolle is head of press and public affairs at tedrive Steering Systems, a specialist development partner and manufacturer of steering systems for the global automotive marketsupplier sector.