Turning values into value

Ben & Jerry’s looks to achieve innovative ways that the business can use its many resources to create positive social change in the world.


Our co-founder, Ben, would often say, “Why leave your values at the door when you go to work?” Good point. Since business is arguably the most powerful force for change in the world, a good value system seems to be a sage idea. Good for the world and good for business. Our research tells us that our Ben & Jerry’s fans, who know and understand our values-led business model, are more than twice as loyal as those that don’t know about it. We also understand that the millennial generation favours authentic, purpose-driven businesses and are twice as loyal to us as they are to other companies. We want a progressive set of values to drive our business and the decisions we make on a daily basis. We want our business model to create progressive change throughout our value chain. We know that people have deeper, more loyal connections to businesses that have shared values. They will stick with those companies longer, through good and bad times, helping to smooth out any rough patches along the way. We’ve seen that during the dramatic moments in the global economy over the past decade.