Handling social media influencers

These tips should enable even the wariest company to confidently pick and choose the right smartphone-wielding influencer for their brand.

Organisations are increasingly challenged by influencers on the social web.

Nobodies of the past are today’s new somebodies, demanding the attention of brands and their communicators. These tips should enable even the wariest company to confidently pick and choose the right smartphone-wielding influencer for their brand.

(Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash)

1. Incorporate employees to your influencer strategy

Many of your employees will be active in social media and could be a great asset to your influencer strategy. Identify your employees by subject expertise and who lead conversations in communities that are important to you. Talk with them about how you could work together. For example, you can use employee advocacy platforms such as Smarp to help your employees become influencers.

2. Identify different types of influencers

Social media influencer is a vast concept, and it includes bloggers, opinion leaders, journalists and micro-influencers. Tracker.com has identified no less than 10 types of influencers. It is a good idea to incorporate different types of influencers into your strategy, but keep in mind that you should take a tailor-made approach to each group.

3. It’s all about love

Actively follow influencers before you engage with them. Identify influencers who match your brand values, who influence your target market and who show passion to your industry. The more that the influencer loves your product or industry, the easier it will be for him or her to promote it. Also keep in mind that it is not just about figures like numbers of followers but also about the engagement rate and quality of content.

4. Set goals and measure

Before you enter any deal, clearly lay out your goals so you know how to measure success. A smart campaign will create more engagement for your brand and make it more exciting. One important goal is to keep your influencer excited about your brand. However, when cooperating with bloggers, draw up a contract with clear deliverables, so both sides know their responsibilities. And be ready to compensate them for a job well done.

5. Aim for influence, not control

Don’t  expect influencers to solely share your product info. Let them work their magic. They know how to influence their audiences with stories, experiences and anecdotes. Remember to share those stories internally within your organisation and promote posts by your influencers on your own social media channels.

Toni Perez

Toni Perez is chief executive officer, OSG Communications. He  has worked for clients across a spectrum of industries from IT and telecoms to small business and manufacturing, healthcare, energy and environment, biotechnology, construction and professional firms. He has advised clients such as Samsung Electronics, SAS Institute, Sodexo, Dassault Systèmes and Cramo. Toni joined OSG in 2005 as head of OSG Communications. Previously Toni worked as a communications manager for international conglomerate Saga Group. Before that, he worked for the public relations agency PENFO.