5 tips for... promoting values at work

Smart communicators know to leverage their function in order to bring organisational values to life. Here are a few suggestions for communicators to demonstrate to stakeholders − internally and externally − that your  organisation is serious about adhering and reinforcing the importance of core values every day.

Whether your organisation is a not-for-profit entity or a Fortune 500 company, workplace trends indicate that there are proven advantages to operating in an environment where continuous feedback is prioritised.

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Here are five steps to ensure that you find ways to proactively and consistently communicate the importance of your organisational values as well. 

1.  Find settings or events that provide you with the forum to deliver practical examples of how your organisation lives its core values. Ditch the jargon-laced corporate-speak and showcase real-life examples that are indicative of your organisation’s values. For example, at the Village of Allapattah YMCA Family Center and Preschool in Miami, Florida, all board meetings begin with a Y Mission Moment, a forum to share about individuals who have benefited from the Y’s programmes and services that allow them to live healthier, more productive lives. Anecdotes that communicate your organisation’s values can be woven into speeches, presentations, employee recognition events or conversing with journalists on media conference calls or other informal settings.

2. Proactively communicate examples of organisational values via social media channels, e-newsletters, websites, etc., but demonstrate authenticity of voice when doing this. Be aware of timing and make sure the subject of your communication truly is the correct representative to uphold the values message.

3. Conduct a team project debrief following a communications project or event. Document opportunities missed to communicate organisational values that could be included in future projects. Proactively ask teammates to develop methods to take values-based lessons learned and apply them to projects.

4. Hold a strategic partner summit where key stakeholders are invited as part of an exercise to probe how corporate values resonate in real-life situations based on their engagement with your organisation. Determine how the feedback from a values review session like this can better meet customer and stakeholder needs.

5. Incorporate online web-based organisational values training modules into onboarding new hires and offer yearly refresher courses that feature different types of role playing and scenarios. 


Richard Gibbs

Richard Gibbs is a senior communication specialist at Florida Power & Light Company. His idea to create a social media “spokescreature” became a linchpin in the community relations strategy to successfully launch Manatee Lagoon -- An FPL Eco-Discovery Center.