Cleanup operation

An aggressive acquisition strategy can lead to too many brands, necessitating a spring clean

Up until about 10 years ago, even our accountants had a hard time guessing the exact number of brands that Electrolux had acquired. Today, we are pretty close to achieving our goal of one overarching premium brand complemented by a handful of regional mass brands. It has been a bumpy ride, but worth every scrape and bruise.
Early in the last century, Electrolux had emerged as a pioneer and innovator in the appliance industry. It launched the world’s first electric refrigerator and the world’s first ergonomic vacuum cleaner. Equipped with runners, its light weight scored a big hit in its main target group at the time: maids and housewives. By the 1970s, globalisation was impacting all industries; scale and volume become the chief focus for many businesses. In response, Electrolux embarked on an extended period of acquisitions. Between 1970 and 2000, Electrolux grew sales from approximately SEK 2 billion to SEK 124 billion.

Johan Almquist

Johan Almquist is a senior vice president, brand and marketing for Electrolux Group. He joined Electrolux in 2006 and today is in charge of a global brand and marketing team responsible for brand strategy and management, marketing strategy and consumer insight, business and marketing intelligence and all digital marketing. Before joining Electrolux, Almquist was Nordic Region vice president for TBWA Worldwide and a CEO and founding partner at TBWA Sweden.