Communication management under the microscope

Breaking down the day-to-day task management and work routine of communicators

Since the 1950s, management has been researched from an actor-centered, empirical perspective. Researchers such as Rosemary Stewart, John Kotter and Henry Mintzberg began to question the theoretical ideal role models of management instructors: they were all too sterile, too smart, too heroic. They broke away from the question of what the perfect manager should do. Observational studies allow us to move on to the question of what a real manager does during the day and what management truly is.

Howard Nothhaft

Dr Howard Nothhaft is an assistant professor of strategic communication at the University of Lund, Sweden. As part of his dissertation project he observed spokespeople and directors of corporate communications at German companies. The re- sulting study was published in 2010 by VS Verlag.