The talk of the town

How those against repealing Sweden's prostiution law constructed of a shocking talking point

The issue of prostitution in Europe is a complex one, with the so called ‘oldest profession in the world’ enjoying different legal statuses across the continent. What is undeniable, however, if one ignores the issue of legality, is that the existence of prostitution tends to lead to an objectification of women in society, and can also act as a catalyst for criminal acts such as human trafficking, violence and rape.
Sweden’s Sex Purchase Act (Sexköpslagen), adopted in 1999, makes it illegal to pay for sex, although prostitution is not illegal. The purchaser is the criminal, not the seller. However, despite this, one out of every 13 men in Sweden has paid for sex, and a recent survey (which acted as an inspiration for the following campaign) showed that around a quarter of Swedish men would like to abolish the Sex Purchase Act.