Using established values to welcome new colleagues

Post-merger communications benefit from the personal touch when welcoming new employees   

Many years ago – in the early stages of my communications career – I thought that PMI must be an abbreviation of some sort of physical or mental disorder. I found out otherwise in 2004, when I got the opportunity to support internal communication in line with the acquisition of Roche Vitamins (the world’s leading bulk vitamins and fine chemical producer) by DSM, a Dutch chemical company. Joining their corporate communications department in the Netherlands, I got a great insight into the communication strategy, processes and tools of a company in the middle of a post-merger-integration (PMI) phase. Their laser-focused integration approach, steered centrally, and combined with an abundance of professional on- and offline communication tools, added a great deal of experience  – and a new meaning to this abbreviation.

Dani Meyer

Dani Meyer is senior manager internal communications at Danone Baby Nutrition. She joined Danone in 2008 and led the post-merger integration communications following Danone’s acquisition of Numico that same year. Before joining Danone, she worked at various multinationals including DSM, Roche and adidas.